Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023 – Sarah Lyon is a freelance writer living in New York City. She has been writing since 2020 and has contributed home, lifestyle, and wellness content to several other publications, including Apartment Therapy and Architectural Digest.

As we approach 2023, it’s natural to wonder what design styles will rule living rooms next year. Will we see light colors or deep colors? What kind of clothes and patterns will be absolutely everywhere? We are particularly interested in how this affects our living rooms, one of the most prominent areas of our homes

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

To find out what will be trending for the living room in 2023, we spoke to 10 different interior designers from around the country who lived up to their predictions. Find out what they think will be the living room trends in the coming year.

Interior Design Trends 2023: Must Have Looks For A Stylish Home

Why not go big with your window treatments? Haley Henley Sims of Haley Henley Design shares, “Timeless, unexpected drapery details—like a scalloped detail on a leading edge—will be appreciated in 2023. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns, and styles in a space to achieve maximum impact.

If you like to keep things warm but simple, you’re in luck, because this aesthetic will have a big moment in the coming year. “What excites me about living room trends in 2023 is seeing more people embrace neutral, warm and earthy tones,” says Jasmine Crockett of Joy Meets Home. “We’re saying goodbye to all-white/grey spaces and really bringing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere indoors,” he adds. This means we’ll see textured pillows and rugs alongside warm woods.

Meghan Basinger of Stevie Interiors agrees. “Warmth and levels are not going anywhere in 2023,” he commented. “You’ll see less ‘all white’ and more natural elements, earth tones and layers – from the play of patterns to the draperies – in the main gathering spaces.”

Love model game? Put it there! “We’ve seen a great resurgence in usage of the model, and we predict a model that will continue to generate revenue into 2023,” notes Julia Miller of Yond Interiors. “We see that pattern can be used in many different ways, whether it’s wallpaper, textiles or carpets.”

Interior Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing A Lot Of In 2023

Printed pieces aren’t the only trend Miller believes will reign supreme. “We’re also looking at textures in different forms by 2023,” he says. “Texture can come in many ways, including stucco walls or fireplaces and different fabrics such as linen, mohair, leather or wool.”

Bright white has had its moment, but color is the star of the show these days. According to Anicarsi of Purple Cherry Architects, “We love the living room trend of creating monochromatic spaces with rich colors and a generally more welcoming atmosphere, with less emphasis on bright white spaces and open spaces.”

Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors is ready to see dark spaces in 2023 as well. “Light and bright hygge looks make way for dark and moody living rooms,” he comments “Deep, rich colors, historic cut details and comfortable furnishings create spaces that are so welcoming, but also offer a little more personality. And whimsy.”

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

Laura Umansky of Laura U Design Collective is an upholsterer who can do it all. “Every home with growing children, elderly relatives or frequent visitors feels the need for versatile furniture,” he says. “Our customers are busy, so when they’re at home they want to spend time together.”

Make Your Living Room Look Bigger With These Brilliant Décor Hacks

In particular, Umansky is a fan of table games and card craft. “It’s the perfect way to balance screen time and quality time together in the living room,” she explains. “Plus, they’re beautifully handcrafted, not your grandma’s folding table.”

Don’t miss the living room artwork, urges Sterling McDavid, who runs a design firm of the same name. “Art is one of the easiest ways to make a living room space completely unique,” she notes.

A daybed in the living room? Why not, says Joe Feldman of Joe Feldman Design. “While we tend not to be driven by trends as a rule, one element I continue to embrace in the living room is incorporating a bed into the space,” she shares. “It’s versatile and helps define a seating area without adding bulk.”

Umansky says she wanted “separate living spaces—one for sitting and conversation and one that’s more accessible” and is excited about this approach. “We like to incorporate sophisticated bar areas that connect with formal living for overflow entertaining space,” he adds.

Huniford Design Studio Reviews Interior Design Trends We’re Letting Go Of In 2023

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Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

Kendall Wilkinson, interior designer at Kendall Wilkinson Design, says people are opting for “layered” living room spaces rather than following a minimalist approach.

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“That means they have to be versatile,” he said. “Its purpose is now to serve as a space for social gatherings and to accommodate a modern work or work-from-home lifestyle.”

The designer says it’s good to have a space that allows for both “smaller and more personal interactions” and hosting.

We’re seeing more curved furniture, says Katie Labordet-Martinez, interior designer and co-founder of Hearth Home Interiors.

“We’re going to see a lot of curved sofas in 2022 — as well as accent chairs and benches — and the trend is only going to get bigger,” he said.

Living Room Décor Ideas For 2023, According To A Designer

“Another trend we see continuing through 2023 is large pieces of bold colors such as burnt orange paired with pastel paint and muted textiles,” he said. “I love a soft blue/gray/white color combination mixed with deep, saturated rust.”

He adds that the mix of colors makes the space attractive and gives it a “relaxed and sophisticated feel”.

Marina Yu, senior designer at Whitehall Interiors, says purple will be a big hit in living rooms this year.

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

“The color is versatile and has a tremendous range of shade variations from periwinkle to mauve to aubergine,” she says. “We saw many of these shades and jewel tones on the runways in 2022, and now it’s making its way into the indoor space.”

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There are many different lighting fixtures to choose from when designing a living room, and Yu says ambient lighting is still a popular choice.

“We’re going to see more indirect light coming from downlights and fixtures at eye level, with wall markings doubling in form and function,” he said. “Also, sconces have become sculptural as statement pieces or works of art.”

Megan Van Dorn, director of interior design at Team Architectural, says homeowners continue to prioritize design inspired by sustainability.

“This is reflected in everything from warm, brown-based neutral colors to eco-friendly materials, biomimetic finishes and access to natural light,” he said. “Nature has a calming effect that is ideal for living spaces.”

Living Room Trends 2023: Your Must Have Ultimate Style Ideas

According to Sarah Bay, director of interior design at Cura Interiors, heavy wicker living rooms will be replaced by biophilic touches that will bring the room closer to nature.

“We’ve passed the ‘cane-everything’ peak,” he said. “Unlike other materials, a well-placed wicker element is always a welcome addition, but they will no longer dominate any space, especially living rooms.”

“Fast furniture” often helps owners save money, but department store flat-pack pieces aren’t as popular as they once were.

Living Room Decor Ideas 2023

“While they represent a low-cost opportunity to save money on changing styles, the negative impact on the environment is something that more and more people want to avoid,” Bay said.

Summer Design Trends 2023: Bright Colors, Natural Materials, And Indoor Outdoor Living

Lucy Small, designer and founder of luxury showrooms State and Seasons Home Design & Supply, says the popular shabby-chic trend is fading from fashion.

“Shabby chic isn’t so chic anymore,” she said. “Bleached wood signs and farm tables have become synonymous with something very ordinary, so design clients are looking for something unique.” Fortunately for those who want to increase their space, tempting trends are coming! From oversized furniture to natural materials, the future has something for everyone. Read on for a glimpse of living room trends in 2023!

Bold colors, statement furniture, and unique lighting top the interior design trends coming in 2023. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, there is sure to be something to suit your needs From relaxing to socializing, your living room needs to serve a purpose and look good

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