What A Beautiful Home You Have

What A Beautiful Home You Have – There’s nothing worse than arriving home feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You want to love your home, but all you see is a messy mess.

I will say I have been there. For the past 20+ years, we have lived in a very small house, less than 900 square feet. When my kids were little, I tried to keep it to a minimum, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were toys and clutter everywhere. Whenever families came to stay, we were always told that our house was too small, which only added to the dissatisfaction.

What A Beautiful Home You Have

What A Beautiful Home You Have

We often thought about moving, but it never really made sense financially. At the same time, I noticed that the environment in my home generally affects everything else. You see, if you don’t love your home, it will reflect on the rest of your life.

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It was easy to see that every time I allowed my home to get out of control, I was much more likely to become angry and easily annoyed by my family. Moreover, it was very difficult to sit still and rest.

But the important thing to remember here is that loving a home isn’t about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel!

Each is a key to having a home you love. You should also be clear about what you want from a home.

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be a place that reflects you and inspires you. Additionally, it is important that your home is a sanctuary where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

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I want my family to feel at home when they walk through the door. After all, home is a place where everyone can feel comfortable.

You don’t have to wait for your “dream home” to appear to accomplish these things. There are things you can intentionally do right now to love your home.

The best part is that loving your home doesn’t have to mean making big changes. It’s about learning to appreciate the little things. With just a few simple changes, you can change the atmosphere of your entire home and, most importantly, your attitude and mood.

What A Beautiful Home You Have

Now you’re ready to rekindle your love affair with your home! Here are 7 simple tips to make you love your home again.

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It is truly true that a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. A cluttered mind in turn leads to overload and stress. There is no way to feel calm and love your home if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Studies show that a neatly organized room is actually good for you. It creates feelings of satisfaction instead of feelings of dissatisfaction. Keeping things clean and organized can make your home feel refreshed and calm. On the other hand, a space filled with clutter and unfinished products actually causes depression and fatigue.

If you really want to love your home, take the time to organize your space. Here are some simple ways to keep your home clean and organized:

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Making your bed every day has many benefits. But the biggest advantage is that no matter what happens, you will feel that at least one room is clean.

I can’t tell you how many times my kids have come up to me and said, “Mommy, I don’t have any socks or underwear.” Oh, if I make it, mine will pile up.

To be honest, before downsizing my closet, laundry was always one of the hardest parts for me. To be honest, I love clothes and I will probably never have a true minimalist wardrobe. But downsizing and building a capsule wardrobe has definitely lightened my laundry load.

What A Beautiful Home You Have

Laundry rarely piles up. Laundry is a breeze for me because it takes me much less time to fold and put away my clothes.

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Our family generally still wears the same amount of clothing, but downsizing has been incredible. If you’re looking for practical tips on how to keep your laundry tidy, check out this post on nutritional minimalism.

My favorite capsule store is Carly Jean Los Angeles. (Here’s a fair warning: follow them on Instagram and their stories will make you want everything). This is not an affiliate link or anything. I’m just a huge fan!

Plain and simple, confusion equals stress. Let’s think about reality. No one enters a crowded space and suddenly feels a sense of relaxation and peace.

If you really want to love your home, you must declutter it. I know this is not an easy task if you have a lot of confusion. But I am giving you a lot of help on this site. You can find links to my tidy articles in this post, The Ultimate Guide to a Tidy Home, or search the archive for a specific topic!

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As mentioned above, for the past 20 years I have lived in a small 900 square foot house with my husband, two children, and a very large German Shepherd. Trust me. We used every square inch of our small space in a variety of places.

But the important thing is that keeping our floor space clean has made a noticeable difference in the cleanliness and orderliness of our home. This simple adjustment has made my entire home feel less crowded and less overwhelming.

Wall-mounted storage cubes are a profitable investment. Ideal for replacing your bedside table in your bedroom. Not only do you get cleaner floor space, but they also provide attractive storage space.

What A Beautiful Home You Have

You don’t need hours of free time to keep your space clean and organized. Be sure to check out how to declutter your home in 20 minutes when you put these tips into practice. Also check out the cleaning routine I follow when I’m short on time.

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We’ve already talked about how the environment affects our mood. This includes the colors of our homes.

According to an article in Country Living magazine, “The 5 Paint Colors That Will Make You Happiest,” wall paint colors can evoke a variety of emotions, including knocking you down, helping you relax, and suppressing your appetite. can.

Personally, warm neutral tones help me relax and feel at home. I am naturally drawn to warm tones. Whenever I browse Pinterest or scan decorating magazines, I’m always drawn to photos of cool, neutral rooms with pops of color from natural plants and rugs.

So, if you want to love your home again, focus on how certain colors make you feel and how you can incorporate them into your home. Go to Pinterest or pick up a decorating magazine and look carefully at what colors catch your eye before adding them to your home.

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No need to redo everything or go over budget. You can buy pillows and comfy sofas quite cheaply on Amazon.

The point is to include colors that make you feel happy and peaceful. Once you do, you’ll love your home all over again.

Have you never realized how simple little things like freshly cut flowers or a new plant can brighten your day? Not only does this benefit your physical health, but subconsciously looking at plants can also help you feel calm and relaxed.

What A Beautiful Home You Have

Flowers and plants have an immediate effect on your happiness. Adding a few plants or fresh flowers is an easy and fun way to love your home.

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We know that our environment affects our mood because we take in what we see. Therefore, it makes sense to fill your home only with things that evoke positive emotions.

Words are very powerful. In fact, words are the most powerful thing in the universe. The entire universe was created with words.

What we say to others has a huge impact on ourselves as well. Because words matter, displaying your favorite inspirational messages creates an atmosphere that inspires you to be your best.

We have lots of little inspirational messages all over our house. To love your home, add positive encouragement to your walls and shelves.

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Regularly open curtained windows and doors during the day. Natural light naturally improves your mood, as does fresh air.

I live in Southern California where the summer heat is extreme. Summer lasts throughout October. I usually tend to have the air conditioner on 24/7 at this time and the windows covered to keep out the hot sun.

But I really like being able to open everything up when the temperature drops. The house is so fresh and peaceful that it makes you want to take a nap.

What A Beautiful Home You Have

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