How To Move Laundry Room Upstairs

How To Move Laundry Room Upstairs – We’ve been talking about moving the laundry upstairs since we’ve lived in this house (that’s 7 years talking) and this year we’re finally making it happen! Wow, that feels good to say. And! After a 12-week kitchen renovation over the summer, we swore we were done knocking down walls for a while, but we’re back and I have to admit it feels great to be back at it. Today we share all the plans, what we lose and gain during the process.

For background reasons, we decided it was time to pay more attention to the upstairs office. After Brandon moved out, we moved our office for a little more privacy and the ability to open up our downstairs flow a little more. We put all our energy into finishing the front living room, so that the upstairs office felt like a holding area where we dumped all the furniture. Keep it real guys:

How To Move Laundry Room Upstairs

How To Move Laundry Room Upstairs

Well, that’s all about to change! We will first focus on completing the laundry room in this room and then convert the rest of the space into the multi-purpose office we envision. For more information about the overall design of the room, you can read this post where we share the layout concept.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover

Right now we are doing laundry in our unfinished basement. It has two older units that we can’t wait to upgrade. You can see the edge of our washer in the lower left corner of the basement picture below. Moving the laundry upstairs will not only provide more convenience, but it will also give you more storage space in the basement. Especially if we can get rid of that big scary boiler — it used to be our radiators, but now it’s just taking up space:

For a long time we thought we’d build a laundry nook in our master bedroom and the smaller bedroom next door that we use as a closet, but recently we realized that the back bedroom we’re updating as an office is actually an ideal space we’d never thought of. Because we were using the room as Brandon’s bedroom and the place where we are building the laundry room was the back staircase that we loved.

After he left, we saw the room in a new light until it was completely empty. Our idea is to create a closed laundry closet that we can hide when we use the room for other things, but with enough personality inside to be a thoughtful space where we actually enjoy doing laundry.

At one point our house was converted to a duplex (converted back to single family before we moved in). This rear bedroom will be the kitchen for the upstairs unit. When Tim tore out the bookshelves in here, we found the plumbing where the gas lines came from. We also had a tank for a tumble dryer unit on the wall going down the back stairs, so we always thought the duplex had laundry units too. It didn’t take us long to realize that by covering the back stairs, we could create a much larger laundry area than originally planned, and the placement would make more sense than the way we envisioned using the back room.

I Moved My Washing Machine Upstairs — And It Changed My Life’

The plank on the floor where the top of the back staircase was. We debated whether it was a good decision to cover the back staircase – it’s one of the characterful and unique features that drew me to our home. That said, we rarely use it and we both firmly believe that bringing a proper laundry room upstairs outweighs its negatives, both for ease of use while we live here and for potential resale in the future. We have started work to preserve the entire staircase below, or in case someone wants to re-expose it in the future.

So far we’ve done all the demo work – removing half the wall, trim and plaster on the stairs and while we’re at it we decided to go ahead and remove half of the back wall of this room where we’re going to have something really big. Bubbles and cracks along the plaster (I love an old house and all its “gifts”). When we set it up as a bedroom, the bookshelf and headboard hid these issues, but now we’re ready for a completely clean slate. This team is in the process of doing electrical work.

One of the best surprises we found during the demo was the installation of an entire laundry room (albeit covered in plaster) when the house was two stories. This wall is off our hall bathroom and we budgeted to install a new laundry room, so we wanted everything to look as original as gold! We still had our plumbers make sure everything was in order and they swapped in new outlets to accommodate the existing hardware, but overall we saved on plumbing — ka-ching!

How To Move Laundry Room Upstairs

Next on the list is case preparation, followed by drywall and trim before moving on to finishing touches like tile, shelving and paint.

Creating A Functional And Stylish Laundry Room — Olive & June

Talking about design details, we haven’t come up with a final design, but we know enough to finalize the space before we make a decision. For example, we know we want a side-by-side unit with storage above and a door that closes everything neatly. The image above is the one we used as inspiration for the look. Below is more of the vibe we want in terms of color and finish.

We’re still thinking about washer/dryer style (anyone have a firm opinion on front vs. top?), flooring, shelving, and back. In that spirit, I have a constant collection of inspiration and ideas on Pinterest (check it out!). The possibilities are endless.

Looking back, this room has undergone quite a few changes over the years. Soon after we moved in it looked like a blank slate and then set up as Brandon’s bedroom (remember the brick fireplace we showed here?):

Even if we’re just getting started, man, it feels so good to be so close to the upstairs laundry room. Here’s to progress and embracing change! Trying to decide if you want a second floor laundry room? I share the pros and cons along with tips to avoid flooding if you move everything upstairs!

Second Floor Guarantee

Like open shelving in a kitchen, second-floor laundry rooms seem to divide people into two camps—those who love it and those who are against it. When we were adding to our house in Cincinnati, several people advised me to reconsider my plan to move the laundry room upstairs, but in the end I decided to go ahead with it. I’m so glad I did – I loved it!

We used our upstairs laundry room for about four years until we moved, and I thought it would help to share my experiences, pros and cons, and some top tips for avoiding everyone’s biggest fear of flooding a second floor laundry room! We hope this post is helpful for those considering an upstairs laundry as part of a new build or home remodel. (

95% of our laundry is done upstairs, so the second floor laundry keeps laundry baskets up and down the stairs.

How To Move Laundry Room Upstairs

Older homes like ours tend to have smaller closets, making closet space a precious commodity. Since our laundry room is in the middle of the second floor, I keep two large baskets in the laundry room and we put our dirty clothes directly into those baskets instead of keeping the baskets in our room. In addition to freeing up space in bedroom closets, it also eliminates the time it takes to move laundry from different rooms before starting the wash.

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Due to both the above reasons, it takes less time to wash clothes. And let’s face it, could there be a bigger pro??

Second Floor Laundry: Cons 1. Second floor laundries can get hotter in the summer

Running the dryer during the summer months can cause it to overheat upstairs and increase your air conditioning bill. However, I have found that if I make sure the hall door from the laundry room is closed, this is not a problem.

I’m glad the girls are good sleepers, so it’s never been an issue in our house, but if you’re a light sleeper and like to do laundry at bedtime and at night, the sound of the washer and dryer is something. Think of

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An overflowing washing machine or burst washing machine hose

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