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Pinterest Interior Design Mood Boards – Hello! This one! I’m so excited (and nervous), but mostly excited, to finally start sharing some of our plans for our new kitchen. Many of you have asked me about when I will share layouts, moodboards, etc. for the new kitchen and I know we have already started, but the truth is, planning a kitchen while closed with two children is not a joke, so I am working hard, researching, adjusting and finding what we need. There’s still a lot to do, of course, but I’m feeling pretty good so far. Last famous word!

First, a little reminder of what it was like a few weeks ago and what it was like when we bought the house. We did a budget makeover by painting the cabinets and tiling because we desperately wanted to brighten it up and create a happier space while saving for the big renovation. It worked, but this year the cabinets fell, the doors fell, and in general the lack of storage came to a head. After five years, the time has come!

Pinterest Interior Design Mood Boards

Pinterest Interior Design Mood Boards

For my first blog, I thought I would start with fun things like inspiration, mood boards, and what I hope to achieve with the overall look of the kitchen itself, and then go back to something a little less fun but totally necessary. things about planning considerations, choosing our builders (we went with James Whitney and so far, very happy) and the extension itself. There are more posts to come, we have a lot to talk about! But for now, let’s stay with the beautiful. Sooooo, here’s my moodboard…

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What do you think? Let me know in the comments when you finish reading. I can answer some of your questions before you get there.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Although if you’ve been following me on Instagram for the past few months, you’ve probably already figured this out. Let’s go to a white kitchen. Well, a white kitchen. I’ve never done a kitchen remodel before, and I didn’t so-patiently wait five years to do this one, I never in a million years thought it would turn white. This is a very radical decision for me.

White kitchens get a bad rap for being boring, sterile, characterless, and I myself have definitely uttered the words, “I would NEVER choose a white kitchen!” before. But the problem is this. The more I looked at kitchens on Pinterest, or in magazines, or on the show, the more I realized that almost everything I was pinning for inspo was white, or white, or warm white, neutral…whatever you want. call it And none of them were boring! When done right, white kitchens can be warm, bright, welcoming and timeless spaces, and that’s what I hope to achieve here.

I haven’t actually chosen a color for the kitchen yet, but I’m experimenting to try to find the perfect warm white tone. Current favorites are The Boltons by Mylands and School House White by Farrow & Ball. I also got a lot of recommendations for Little Greene’s Slacked Lime, so I’m waiting for my local paint shop to restock the sample pots. The fact is that I probably will not decide until the walls are up and the roof lights are installed, because only then we will have a good idea about the lighting there. That’s the white stuff, they change a lot depending on the light, so I don’t want to make a hasty decision.

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You can see some of my favorite photos on the moodboard, but I have also sent some others in this blog post.

After exploring many options, we decided to hire John Lewis in Hungerford to do our kitchen for us and I am very excited about our decision. I researched many options, including DIY kitchens (which many of you really appreciate) and upgrading an Ikea kitchen with custom fronts, but in the end, there were several areas of kitchen design that required custom elements to make the most of the space, and we just. did not want to compromise on that. One of them is a built-in pantry cabinet, which I am ridiculously excited to own after years of precariously stacked boxes falling on top of me. I’ve always wanted one, but even more so after seeing chef Anna Barnett’s dream pantry!

I have seen the wonderful work that John Lewis of Hungerford has done on Swoonworthy’s 2LG and Kimberley kitchen (see photo below) and the quality and finish is incredible. I worked with designer Rebecca Nokes from John Lewis on the design and layouts and it was a really enjoyable process.

Pinterest Interior Design Mood Boards

I feel that he completely understands what we want and has given many other valuable tips about things like countertops and appliances. Rebecca has also created a bespoke display case for us which will create a link between the kitchen and the dining/chill area. Here are some of my inspirations for this cabinet…

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I have detailed plans and renderings of the kitchen from all angles, but I don’t want to share it all at once because where is the fun in that? I want to save something for the big reveal. However, as requested, I’m sharing the floor plan below, drawn for me by my super talented friend, interior designer Kate Tully of AT Studio, and a side view of the kitchen (although even that is missing some key elements of the design so as not to let the cat completely escape the bag!). Kate didn’t design our kitchen, but she gave me great advice on things like lighting (see more below) and designed a beautiful kitchen for my friend, which you can see on Kate’s Instagram feed . Write to him if you need help with your project.

As you can see in the rendering below (also from Kate), we’re maximizing the light coming into the kitchen with three separate skylights. I am really excited to work with Vario by VELUX and will be creating a lot of content with them around this project. Our kitchen will be 8m long in total, which requires additional steel in the middle section, meaning we would not be able to have glazing along the full length of the side return. Instead, we chose two 2.3m x 1m rectangular skylights and another 1x1m square. I like the fact that we could completely customize the skylights to our own specifications rather than being tied to any standard size. Every aspect, from size to color and aperture, is fully customizable and easily done through the website tool.

I opted for Crittal style doors, similar in style to the ones below. The middle section will open like French doors, and the side panels will have an opening panel at the top of each. I chose this setup for two reasons. 1) I really like the decomposed style of the wider horizontal panels and the French doors and 2) We live in England, I am realistic about the weather and this gives us maximum flexibility. In this way, we have the option to close the doors and open just one of the windows to let some air in, instead of having to open everything. We ordered them through our builders and they are Heritage system steel doors.

I have finally made a decision about the countertops and we are going with Dekton by Cosentino. I wanted the beautiful look of marble without the stress of stains and heat damage that comes with a natural stone. Dekton is a mixture of porcelain, glass and quartz compacted to form a very resistant material. I liked a lot of the designs, but we went with the Entzo style, which has a warm base with brown / gold veins and should perfectly complement the white of the kitchen cabinets. I am currently evaluating how far to take the stand/backsplash from the walls, but the island will have a waterfall edge on both ends for immediate impact when you enter the kitchen.

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I consider a few flooring options, including a mixture of tiles in the kitchen area and wood flooring in the rest of the room. However, after weighing, I decided to go for a perfect look. We will have underfloor heating as I don’t want to waste wall space on radiators, so it will be nice and cozy under our feet! We will also take the opportunity to replace the living room floor as this has been on our to do list for some time. The idea is to have the same floor in the living room and kitchen, which will make the transition between these environments easier. We haven’t decided on the exact floor yet and I’m in the process of ordering it.

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