Quotes About Scars Being Beautiful

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28 Quotes About Scars Deeply inspiring quotes about scars will inspire you to think a little deeper than usual and broaden your perspectives. Whether you’ve proudly worn your scars for the world to see, or tried to hide them, we can all take comfort in knowing that we all carry some kind of scar. We don’t want to get scars in this life, but if you do, don’t let the scars define you. Yes, a scar can look a little ugly on the outside, but a scar shows that you survived, you survived something, and not only did you do it, but you are stronger, smarter and better educated because of this time it was hard. – scars Scars Whether a scar is a beautiful scar or an ugly scar depends almost entirely on the beholder. Without scars, we usually won’t have the opportunity to grow stronger, to become who we want to be. We die every day in small steps, reborn as different men, older men, wearing the same clothes, bearing the same scars. Many of us have outgrown the literal reading we received as children, but we carry the scars throughout our lives. I don’t want to be glaringly analytical, but when you have, like me, a father who is incapable of showing emotions, who has spent his whole life saying that no one will love you if you are not perfect, he leaves. scars Beyond the wound of children, beyond the wound of men, is what is at the root of self-love, which makes self-love pity.

Quotes About Scars Being Beautiful

Quotes About Scars Being Beautiful

Inscriptions of Wounds The scars left by a child for resisting irrational authority lie beneath every neurosis. From poverty comes a stronger soul; from her is the most gregarious figure, pierced by scars. Girls are like helpless children in the hands of lustful men, everything they say is the truth, everything that is done to their bodies seems to be love, and eventually they come to their senses, but his scars are not dead, they are alive. to its destroyers. – Scars Scars remind me that the damage that life has done to me has made me stronger and tougher, in many places. I wondered why these problems were happening to me, and I was frustrated that they affected my running career, but seeing his scars made me wonder how adaptable and amazing the human body is.

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Looking at my scars now reminds Lawley that life is short and I’m lucky to get out of this accident alive. The first time Lawley looked up to see her surgery scars, I thought they were beautiful, and cried. Lawley felt proud and sexual, because they symbolized that I took control of a difficult situation and did everything I could to ensure a long and healthy life. – quotes about scars Sometimes people looked, or I heard comments that she looked more beautiful without this scar, and I hated being reduced to just my gaze.

Quotes About Scars When people stopped noticing the scar, Loli realized it was because I didn’t carry it around as something to hide. At some point I had the opportunity to have plastic surgery to make the scar less visible, but I didn’t. Have you ever been hurt, somewhere is trying to heal, and you just have to keep removing the scars over and over again. Give it some air, let it show the scars of your soul, because like the body, it was created to heal. To the people who thought I was happy, look back; his scars take you to a place that no one knows, no one could imagine, a place where the lonely cries of the heart echo, a place that has been cut hundreds of times. – quotes about scars Sometimes I think my scars are beautiful, but then I remember that not everyone shares the same love for art. Of course, Circe, like any other god of fiction, cannot be physically scarred; when damaged, his skin heals quickly, flawlessly. When Circe actually makes the potion that makes her mortal, the scars are one of the things she looks forward to, excited to finally make her body reflect her history. Even the angriest scars eventually fade, to the point where it’s hard to see them written on the skin, leaving only reminders of how much pain they caused. – Quotes About Scars I am grateful for every scar, for a few pages turned, a few bridges burned, but lessons learned.

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies. See our privacy and cookie policy. Whether they are physical or mental, you will not leave this life without a scar or two. A scar is a symbol that you have gone through something and come to the other side.

Criss Jami Quote: “you Can’t Be A Rebel Without The Scars That Come With It. Truth Is, Some Days Scars Are Just As Ugly As They Are Beautif…”

I am proud of my various scars, especially the c-section scar because it led to the birth of my beautiful son who I couldn’t imagine life without. This inspired me to look for quotes about scars that could help us embrace our scars and see the beauty in them.

I hope these 53 quotes about scars help you heal and start to see how beautiful your scars are.

1. “Scars are there for a reason. They don’t hurt anymore, but they are there to remind you of all the things you’ve been through, the moments that almost killed you, and the ones that make you who you are.” – R.M. Drake

Quotes About Scars Being Beautiful

2. “These scars?” You are my torment and my peace. These are the stories of my life.” – Achillea

Truly Inspirational C Section Quotes For Scar Moms

3. “Your scars are a warning to all future monsters, of the hell you endured before them, of every demon you defeated and of every battle you won.” – Nikita Gill

4. “He healed her – made her feel that her scars were beautiful.” – Atticus

6. Scars are signs of survival, a sign of a cut that did not end in rupture, a miracle written on the skin.

7. “From suffering emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are marked.” – Khalil Gibran

Jack And Sally I See Your Scars Inspirational Quote From Mr Jack And Sally I See Your Scars

9. “I’d rather have a body full of scars and a head full of memories than a head full of regrets and perfect skin.” – Atticus

11. Body scars show you’ve lived. The scars on your heart show that you have loved.

13. “We have been through a lot, and although many wounds have healed, the scars they left still wander from time to time.” – Neha Yazmin

Quotes About Scars Being Beautiful

15. “A truly strong woman embraces the war she has gone through and is refined by her scars.” – Carly Simon

Scars Are Beautiful

17. “From every wound comes a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, ‘I survived.'” -Craig Scott

22. Do not hide your scars, they are key moments that prove your strength and wisdom and later encourage perseverance when you feel weak.

25. “I think scars are like battle wounds – beautiful in a way. They show what you’ve been through and how strong you are to get out of it.” – Demi Lovato

28. “He showed me his scars, and in return he allowed me to pretend I didn’t have them. – Madeline Miller

Parker S. Huntington Quote: “pain And Scars Are The Armor Beauty Wears.”

29. “Show me your hands.” Do they have scars to give? Show me your feet. Have you been injured in the service? Show me your heart. Have you left room for divine love? -Fulton J. Sheen

30. “Scars show us where we’ve been, they don’t dictate where we’re going.” -David Rossi

34. “I believe that I have walked the test that you can have scars. You can go through turbulent times and still have victory in your life.” -Natalie Cole

Quotes About Scars Being Beautiful

40. “I got a lot of scars, man. My mom said a man ain’t a man if he ain’t got a scar on his face. And what he meant by a scar was some kind of battle you had to go through, both mentally and physically. To her, the scar was truly beautiful, not something that spoiled you. -Nick Nolte

Best Scars Quotes To Educate And Be Aware

41. “Some scars are etched into our bones – part of who we are, shaping who we become.” – Sue Lynn Tan

45. “I am thankful for every scar, some

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