Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas – High ceilings were first introduced in the twentieth century for houses built in warm climates. This is to help the hot, trapped air move up and away from the apartments to keep them cool. However, today, it is part of the architecture built for aesthetics. A high ceiling can feel beautiful and expensive, but without the right decoration, the walls can feel empty.

How you hang window treatments or curtains can affect how the room looks and feels. For example, making your window treatments the size of your window will make the room feel closed in and create separation between your ceiling and the upper parts of your walls. Instead, hang the curtains from floor to ceiling to achieve an open feel with harmony between the floor, walls and ceiling.

Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Interior designers use lighting for various reasons. Systematic placement of light around the room can add depth, height and dimension, drawing everyone’s attention to unique details. Lighting a high-ceilinged building is not; If anything, it’s more important because there’s more space. We recommend accent lighting above a prominent area in the room to add style and grandeur.

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When decorating a room with high ceilings, shelves can be your best friend because they fill the empty space and provide more space for many things or jewelry. Floating shelves are modern and trendy, but if you’re feeling bold, you can install floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Whichever way you choose, shelves are important because of their functionality in a reasonable space.

High ceilings are one of those design elements that never go out of style because they provide more space for decoration and create a space that cannot be recreated with another design element. Creating an accent wall with your favorite artwork is a great way to fill an empty space. When arranging this art, be sure to add some features to the longer half of the wall. Leaving this area exposed will only separate the area.

Have you accidentally decorated your high walls and high ceilings? Try to make one of these changes in your home and see how much it turns the room into an interesting and personal space. What else do you add to your design to emphasize your high ceiling? One of the easiest ways to “lower” the height of the ceiling and walls is to create the illusion of it. Large rooms where furniture and appliances sit in the middle can feel impersonal and cold. Painting your ceiling a lighter color than your walls gives the impression of reducing the size of the space. Deep shades like rich cocoa with a soft sheen, like eggshell or pearl, will warm and balance a large and open face. This is also true when adding texture to your ceiling which adds design interest as well. You can do this with paint, cork and tile techniques. Wooden beams give natural warmth to the ceiling and a rustic element to your design.

Balance plays an important role in large spaces with high ceilings. Since most of the furniture resides in the bottom third of the space, art and tools in the middle, the top third can use the structure of the plan to include the entire space equally. Hanging lights draw attention upwards while providing an interesting way to differentiate between living spaces in a large space. A sparkling chandelier adds elegance to a dining area, while a modern palette can brighten up a luxurious living room. With these types of ceiling lights, you can lower the ceiling decorations to match your overall design.

Ways To Decorate A High Ledge In The Living Room

As mentioned, the balance must be taken especially in areas with different gifts. Long walls are best decorated with large and bold pieces that contribute to the balance of the room’s design. A spectacular mirror, gallery or library of floor-to-ceiling shelves can make the most of wall space. If your long walls have windows, consider curtains to lighten the mood and add pattern or color if needed. Confused about how to decorate a large wall? Instead of seeing it as a big, empty space to be covered, think of it as a blank canvas. opportunity. Today, I’m sharing 10 wall decor ideas and examples of each in our home, as well as some tips and advice as you start your projects!

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Before you start filling the wall with *everything*, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics and what I try to keep in mind when planning wall decor, let’s get into 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

If you’re trying to avoid dropping a lot of money on a large piece, you can create wall art that can serve as one large piece for a fraction of the cost by hanging a gallery wall. There are many ways and many ways to do this completely

. You can choose different types that are collected, different or follow the same path. In the breakfast area, I used the same IKEA frames to display iPhone photos from some of our trips.

Sources: beaded chandelier | fake olive tree | Dining table Dining chairs (similar) | Gallery Wall Frames | Curtains ladder ladder | Bar areas pendant light

Each photo is in a different setting and is a landmark/scenery photo I took on my phone. Unforgettable and unique, and while evoking memories of 12 different journeys, it functions as one monochromatic work of art. Note that this also takes up the size of that wall 😉 Go bigger than you think you need when taking pictures.

Living Room With High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Another simple “gallery” of the kind that works as one piece is the wall baskets protected on the balcony. They are all similar but most are different. I quickly put them in the compost and called them “good!”

The solar collector wall in our front room is clearly not flowing with the rest of our house these days and will be fixed soon. But, this is a great example of sticking to one of them while using eclectic pieces and mixing metals.

My office has an art arrangement that I call a “gallery wall” – I put a large piece, along with three matching foil prints that I just rotated as I hung, on large squares. Although the parts are different, they have the same frame.

Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Sources: The Great Wall Art | Small wall art | table tray | foot bowls | straw bin | Gray vase | Magazine holder box | Document storage box | Roman shade | Rooster drawer pull

Genius Tv Wall Ideas For A Chic Space

There are beautiful galleries that combine black and white and color photos, similar frames and mats of different sizes, even different frames, mediums, etc. . If you’re energetic and want to make a fun statement, mix it up.

Sometimes, it’s not just art that needs (or can use) your space. The place was big and empty and while I was looking for a console table, this one

Which is almost a footpath. I still managed to find a piece on the narrow side and do the whole “minute” in the living room. Not enough space for a console table? You can do the same with a bench or chair!

Sources: Consul table | Rattan Rattan (similar) | Lamp (no longer available) | Large Mixing Vase | A small vase with inscriptions | Clear glass vase Rattan box with lid (similar) | Blue Gingko Art | Off Road Art | green artificial plant (similar)

Decorating Ideas For High Walls

Coffee table books Source: Remodelista | Southern regions habitat | Planets and planks | New York in bloom simple | Family style features | green and white Style Notes | Amazing simplicity

. I don’t want a piece of art to look like something I hang on the wall; I want it to become part of the wall – does that make sense?! Haha this bleached wood carving measures 48″ x 48″…

Sources: Great Wood Wall Art | sofa | Coffee table Bench X Leather | Brass party bucket brother screen | White ceramic vases  | Art of the map of Georgia | Texas map art

Tall Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Sources: Book Glass | Woven rope storage baskets (similar)  | Big Forest Art | Rabbit Art | Hedgehog Art | Hooded rabbit towel | Wooden clutch toy

Wall Decor Ideas For Every Style And Budget

The art on this living room wall is 40″ x 54″, and while it’s the largest in person, there are even larger sizes available!

I love putting together art as a set, especially when I just want something to hang on the wall. It will also save $$$ as two small framed pieces are usually less than

I’m glad that the wall basket I was originally waiting for didn’t arrive ;). – A completely happy accident. I get a lot of questions about these; The original Etsy print shop

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